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Educate Yourself with the Scrap Silver Calculator

February 9, 2012

Whether you frequent pawnshops or are new to the trade-in-your-goods-for-cash scene, it’s common knowledge that most of them will do their best to rip you off; it seems they’ve made a business of it. With the popularity of reality-television shows like “Pawn Stars” and “Hardcore Pawn” combined with the still-in-shambles economy, some pawn shops are […]

Protect Yourself from Ripoffs with Gold Value Calculator

February 9, 2012

A quick internet search about cash for gold companies will produce pages upon pages of complaints made by former, and disgruntled, cash for gold customers. The complaint that seems to stick out the most, and comes up the most often on cash for gold complaint boards all over the world wide web, is the fact […]

Avoid Scams and Ripoffs with the Gold Calculator

February 8, 2012

In 2009, an article was released that changed the face of online cash for gold companies. A former employee of the popular Cash4Gold company came forward and revealed some dirty little secrets about how the company does all that they can to rip-off their customers. What? A company that claims to be honest, trustworthy, and […]

Smart Sellers Cash In on Old Jewelry

February 3, 2012

The struggling economy has prompted people everywhere to search for new ways to make extra cash. Many people are cutting back by spending less and even looking through their homes for unwanted items that could be sold for cash. One of the most profitable items that could be cluttering up your home is jewelry. Jewelry […]

Gold Sellers Profit by Going Green

February 2, 2012

Gold has been seen as a status symbol for thousands of years, but many are unaware of the seedy underbelly of the gold industry. When most people hear the word “gold” they think of ancient rulers and glamorous Hollywood stars, but in reality gold mining has a devastating effect on the environment. As the demand […]

Cash In on Rising Gold Prices

February 2, 2012

Stock prices for gold are at an eight-week high as the precious metal is in more demand than ever. Gold prices have risen twelve percent in the last month alone, and with U.S. Federal Interest rates being held near zero for the next two years, gold is here to stay. The high price of gold […]

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