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Manufacturing up in the United States, Precious Metals up with It

April 6, 2012

A positive United States manufacturing survey was released on Monday. The survey provided good news for those in the precious metals industry, as the value and worth of gold, silver and copper moved higher alongside oil. Expected gold futures for June 2012 rose 2.5 percent and currently sit at about $1,679.90 an ounce. This is good news for owners of the commodity, who are in interested in trading the precious metal, especially since the precious metal spent most of last week in the red. The positive trend isn’t solely focused on gold, with silver and copper commodity traders also seeing a glimmer of hope for the future.

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Overall, copper remains the strongest metal, but platinum and palladium also showed promise. Currently, the price of silver is at $33.10 an ounce, and the value of copper sits at $3.92 a pound. Official manufacturing data in China released on Sunday shows that the purchasing manager’s index is in the fourth month of improvement, with future improvement expected to be seen.

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