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Put the Calculator to Work: The World’s Largest Gold Ring

June 29, 2012

Every woman dreams of having the largest wedding ring of all her friends. Enormous diamonds, colossal gems… you know how some people’s eyes are bigger than their stomachs? Seems some other’s eyes are too big for their fingers.
The “others” we’re referring to are the folks at Kanz Jewels LLC in Deira Gold Souq, Dubai – the proud owners of The Najmat Taiba (Star of Taiba), the world’s largest gold ring (image seen here). Before you start nagging your fiancé about getting the biggest engagement ring on earth for you, know that this ring weighs in at 63.85 kg or about 135 pounds. Trust me, that kind of weight is much more comfortable on a pedestal than your finger.
While the gold ring does have some minor drawbacks, it boasts 5.17 kg of precious stones and 58.7 kg of 21 carat gold. The Star of Taiba’s dimensions include a 2,200 mm perimeter, 700 mm outer perimeter, 490 mm inside diameter, 500 mm back width, and 250 mm width of the ring bottom. The gold ring, which took 55 workers 45 10-hour days to complete, is studded with 615 genuine Swarovski stones.
If you’re looking for attention for your engagement ring, the Najmat Taiba is certainly one way to attract it. Gold enthusiasts from around the world have traveled to Dubai to check out this Guinness Book of World Records certified achievement. Fortunately for the jewelry shop, the attraction of the ring has boosted sales and interest in other smaller (and more affordable) options.
Speaking of costs, according to Anil Dhanak, the Managing Director of Kanz Jewels, “This is the world’s biggest gold ring, and we have displayed it on behalf of Taiba, the Saudi Arabian jewelry maker who made this unique piece in 2000, when the gold price was only $250 per ounce. Now the value of gold has gone up to $1,500 per ounce.” Dhanak estimates that the ring, which cost $547,000 to make in 2000, is now currently valued around $3 million.
So how do those numbers hold up according to our Gold Value Calculator? Here’s the way to find out: begin by converting 63.85 kg into grams, which equals 63850 grams (just multiply by 1000). Then plug this weight into the Gold Value Calculator plus the closest numbers of Karats (in this case, 22). The Gold Value Calculator’s estimate: $2,944,076.28. Either Anil Dhanak did his homework or our Gold Value Calculator must be pretty accurate!
You may not be in the possession of a 135 pound ring, but if you have any excess gold jewelry lying around the house, there’s a good chance its worth quite a bit. Check out today to get an accurate estimate of the price of your gold.