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Put the Calculator to Work: “The Solid Gold Cadillac”

July 13, 2012
Solid Gold CadillacPromotional poster for The Solid Gold Cadillac. Image from Wikipedia.

Life is always a little bit easier when you know what’s what. Isn’t it great when you know your paycheck comes on Friday, your morning smoothie costs just so much, and your Netflix will arrive exactly this afternoon? There’s nothing more unsettling than not knowing the answers, like not knowing how much your old, broken, or unused gold jewelry really costs.

If you want to find out, the Gold Value Calculator is here to help. It’s really simple: all you have to do is type in the weights of your gold pieces as well as their karat values. Let’s use one of the world’s most iconic gold items as an example, so you can see how simple and useful this tool can be. The subject of today’s study is the solid gold Cadillac from the film of the same name.

The Solid Gold Cadillac came out of Hollywood’s golden age (coincidence?). Released in 1956, the film was directed by Richard Quine and stars Judy Holliday. Following the precedent of the era’s strong female leads, this classic features a savvy stockholder named Laura Partridge. Partridge uses her smarts to overthrow a wealthy company of corrupt and self-serving businessmen. When Laura and the company’s founder Edward McKeever – played by Paul Douglas – fall in love, the shareholders give them a solid gold Cadillac as a wedding gift.

Since this is a fictional automobile, we’re going to have to make some assumptions. We’ll begin by taking into account the weight of an actual 1956 Cadillac, estimated at about 4,400 pounds. However, since gold is the densest metal, it weighs much more than steel does. Therefore, if a 4,400-pound car was made of solid gold, the calculated weight would hover around 12,500 lbs or 200,000 ounces. Let’s assume the car’s karat value would be 24k – because why settle for anything less. In this case, the Cadillac’s value would be around $318,730,950. That’s a lot of digits!

So you can see how easy it is to use the Gold Value Calculator, even for imaginary items! Whether your jewelry and gold wares are worth $310 million or not, the calculator will grant you the knowledge to sell them wisely and ensure you get the rewards you deserve!