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Put the Calculator to Work: Gold Buddha

June 15, 2012

Golden BuddhaThe gold value calculator is one of the easiest ways to find out the value of your gold. While “plugging in the attributes” of your gold sounds easy enough, life is always less complicated when one has real-life examples to work with. The gold value calculator is no different. In order to properly use the calculator and determine the worth of your broken or unused gold products, all you need to know is the weight and karats of your gold items. For the example, we’ll use the infamous Golden Buddha statue and give you a little background information about the statue as well.


The Golden Buddha statue is the world’s largest solid gold statue. It is located in Thailand and has origins that can be traced back to the 13th or 14th centuries. At one point in time, the statue was completely plastered over to prevent theft. In 1955, the “gold statue” was accidentally uncovered when the statue was dropped and the plaster chipped away to reveal the shiny gold underneath. In February 2010, a large new building was inaugurated to act as the official home of the statue. Thousands flock to the exhibition each year in the hopes of seeing the world’s largest gold statue with their own eyes.


While only the karats and weight are needed in order to find out the worth of your gold items via the gold value calculator, we’ll go a little more in depth with the properties of the Golden Buddha. The statue is almost ten feet tall and weighs approximately 5.5 tonnes. A tonne is a metric unit of measurement equal to 1,000 kilograms. The gold the statue is made of is 18 karat. These measurements are widely considered to be the official measurements of the Golden Buddha.


By simply heading to and entering the necessary characteristics of your gold, the estimated value of your gold will be produced. The price is determined by comparing the characteristics of your gold items to the current price of gold. It is important to remember that the value of gold is constantly changing, so the number produced today may not be the number produced tomorrow or a few months down the line. But for the sake of demonstration, the karats (18 karat) and weight (6.1 short tons) will be used.


First, a conversion from tons to grams must be made. One short ton is equal to approximately 907184 grams. When the equivalent of one ton and 18 karats is put into the Gold Value Calculator, an estimated worth of $35 million is computed. Since the Golden Buddha is a little over 6 short tons, $35 million should be multiplied by six. Therefore, the estimated value of the Golden Buddha, according to the Gold Value Calculator, is $210 million! The Gold Value Calculator is easy to use, so try it today!