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November 10, 2011

Gold is universally understood as a precious metal of great value, and anyone who watches television, reads newspapers, or engages in basic conversation with their neighbors has at least heard rumblings about the rapidly rising value of gold. In the last five years, the price of gold has risen from $550 per ounce in 2006 to a whopping $1,750 per ounce in 2011 (LBMA). Needless to say, the seemingly constant rise in the value of gold directly contradicts the recession that permeates every national economy across the globe.

Most people are feeling the effects of the global recession, and may know a family who has foreclosed on their home, or are unable to find employment. While some may sit around waiting for the government to do something, most do not have that kind of time. This has led to many people scrambling to find gold buyers to either pay the bills or to just afford themselves a little breathing room until the economy finally turns around.

Unfortunately, most people do not have a drawer in the bedroom filled with 24-karat gold bricks. Chances are, if one is thinking of finding an establishment that buys gold jewelry, it will be jewelry that is either old and not worn much or can merely be done without. At this point, a person could be looking at a handful of assorted gold jewelry and know that it is worth a decent amount of money, but where does one begin to estimate an amount? has presented a solution to this problem with an online gold value calculator. The calculator simply requires the input of the weight and karat value of the gold, and this information is processed based on the current value of gold on that very day to output the exact value of that particular piece of jewelry. Fortunately, this will now give people the ability to know exactly what kind of deal they are getting when they review different establishments that buy gold jewelry.

The next decision one must make is where to find gold buyers. A growing number of consumers are choosing to go with online gold buyers, but this raises another issue: which cash for gold websites are reliable? This website conducted an experiment with ten different cash for gold websites and recorded the results.

With this information, hopefully those who are searching for places that buy gold jewelry will feel more confident knowing the exact value of their gold and where are the most trustworthy places to take their business.




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