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Extra Cash For Gold in the New Year

January 5, 2012

With the turn of every New Year comes the annual commitment to a multitude of resolutions. Maybe you’re resolved to start frequenting the gym, or maybe you’ve decided to start exploring the city in which you live. Maybe you just want to do some traveling and see the world. Whatever you decide to go with, you’re certainly going to need some cash flow to do it.

All across the country, thousands of Americans are discovering that there’s lots of money to be made from selling old pieces of unwanted jewelry in exchange for cash. The gold exchange rate is the highest it’s been in decades which means that now is the time to take advantage of this awesome opportunity. Even though they are old, damaged, or don’t have any personal value to you, precious metal refineries will pay for those necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, and leave you with a stack of cash. Jewelry exchange might be the easiest way to make money fast!

Because the gold exchange market is booming right now, there are large quantities of precious metal being refined, and many different companies that provide the service. While its great that you have some options about who to sell your gold to, it also means you might not be getting all the money you deserve.

How do you know that these companies aren’t going to undervalue your pieces and leave you with a payout that’s less than what you deserve? Their refining goes on behind closed doors, so it’s anybody’s guess as to whether or not they’re working hard to get every scrap of gold from your jewelry to ensure you get everything you deserve.

With the gold value calculator you can just insert the specifications of your gold (the weight in grams or ounces and the purity or karats), and will give you the estimated value of your gold based on the day’s market price. It’s incredibly easy, and you can be sure that your gold exchange is yielding a fair price. You can also use the calculator to find the value of silver and diamonds. If you’re interested in having the gold value calculator embedded on your personal website, feel free to copy the code so you can check out the gold exchange rate without leaving your home page.

2012 is here, and it’s time to get working on those resolutions, and with some extra pocket cash, you don’t have to worry about your budget. It’s going to be a big year, so make sue you take full advantage!