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Cash In on Rising Gold Prices

February 2, 2012

Stock prices for gold are at an eight-week high as the precious metal is in more demand than ever. Gold prices have risen twelve percent in the last month alone, and with U.S. Federal Interest rates being held near zero for the next two years, gold is here to stay. The high price of gold means that now is a better time than ever to cash in on the increase in stock prices and trade in your old or broken gold jewelry for cash.


Cash for gold companies are an easy way to turn your old junk into cold, hard cash. Jewelry trends change fast, and the jewelry that was so in style in 2008 suddenly looks clunky and dated in 2012. Tarnished jewelry inherited from long-dead relatives, or necklaces, bracelets and rings gifted from a style challenged ex-boyfriend can easily earn you a ton of cash by just simply mailing them in to a gold harvesting company. The companies then weigh your jewelry, harvest the scrap gold, and send you a check to spend on new jewelry, clothes, or whatever you like. The rising gold prices make it easy to earn extra cash to spoil yourself by trading in old things that were just collecting dust anyway.


With so many cash for gold companies in the market, as well as pawnbrokers and jewelers it is imperative that you do your research and make sure you are getting what your jewelry is truly worth. The Gold Value Calculator is a quick and easy way to estimate the value of your jewelry before you sell it. Just weigh your jewelry or scrap gold with a small food scale, plug in the weight and the karats of your gold on the calculator and you’ll instantly receive an estimate based on the current stock prices of gold. Use that estimate as a guideline when you sell your old jewelry to protect yourself from being ripped off.


As the price of gold booms following the implementation of new and steady low interest rates there’s no better time than now to capitalize on high stock rates and turn your broken, outdated jewelry into extra cash. By calculating the price of your jewelry before selling you can ensure that you’re getting the best price out there, leaving you free to sit back and have a little fun with the extra cash in your pocket.