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Gold Sellers Profit by Going Green

February 2, 2012

Gold has been seen as a status symbol for thousands of years, but many are unaware of the seedy underbelly of the gold industry. When most people hear the word “gold” they think of ancient rulers and glamorous Hollywood stars, but in reality gold mining has a devastating effect on the environment. As the demand for gold remains as high as ever and stock prices continue to rise, people can cash in on recycling old gold jewelry and help the environment while earning extra cash.


Between dangerous chemicals and massive amounts of waste, the gold mining industry causes irreparable damage to the environment and contaminates both land and water sources. Paired with the high costs of mining and the staggering worker mortality rates, mining for gold just isn’t worth it anymore. But gold lovers fear not, because companies that recycle old jewelry are producing gold in a new, environmentally conscious way. Cash for gold businesses simply get people to mail in their old gold jewelry then they harvest the gold and sell it in bricks to refiners and jewelers. New gold jewelry is produced without environmental consequences and people everywhere have a new way to make easy cash off old jewelry that is lying around their homes.


Cash for gold companies have gained popularity over the last decade, and jewelry that is broken, tarnished or out of style suddenly has a new use. As gold stock prices continue to rise, people with unwanted jewelry lying around can easily make some extra cash while helping the environment by supporting an alternative to dangerous mining. The live gold price is high, and recycling gold can earn you surprisingly high profits from broken or unwanted jewelry that would otherwise just be cluttering up your house.


The rising popularity of cash for gold companies means that you have a lot of options when you sell your jewelry, so make sure you do your research to avoid being shortchanged. Use the Gold Value Calculator to get an estimate of your jewelry’s worth before you sell. The Gold Value Calculator uses the current live gold price so you can get an instant estimate of your jewelry’s worth by simply plugging in the weight and karats of your gold. Not all cash for gold companies are created equal, so use their estimate as a guideline to make sure you’re getting a fair deal when you sell, and enjoy spending your eco-friendly extra cash.