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Protect Yourself from Ripoffs with Gold Value Calculator

February 9, 2012

A quick internet search about cash for gold companies will produce pages upon pages of complaints made by former, and disgruntled, cash for gold customers. The complaint that seems to stick out the most, and comes up the most often on cash for gold complaint boards all over the world wide web, is the fact that most cash for gold customers aren’t getting as much money for their items as they had hoped. Sometimes, they’re appalled to be receiving much, much less.


One former customer claimed they were ripped off by Cash4Gold. Cash4Gold is perhaps the most visible cash for gold company, with commercials frequently airing on television and advertisements popping up all over the Internet. The unsatisfied customer claimed they sent in 1.5 ounces of gold and received a check in the mail a few days later for only $38. Unfortunately, in this case, the more visible the company is, the more questionable their motives are. It seems like the goal of Cash4Gold is to rip you off as much as they can, and hope you won’t notice.


Although receiving $38 for almost two ounces of gold is a very noticeable “rip-off,”  a cash for gold customer should be able to notice any kind of rip-off, no matter how big or small the discrepancy may be. A key to being able to recognize if you are receiving less than you deserve is educating yourself enough to have a general idea of how much your gold is worth from the start.


If you’re not interested in visiting a jewelry evaluator or gold appraiser before shipping your items to an online cash for gold company, there are other options for finding out how much your gold is worth. The Gold Value Calculator is a great way find the value of your gold before you enter into a cash for gold transaction.


By simply recording the weight and karats of your gold and comparing it to the national average gold price, the gold value calculator will give potential cash for gold customers a rough estimate of how much their gold is worth. Although most cash for gold companies will offer you a bit less than what your gold is truly worth in order to make a profit, having a general idea of what you can expect is a great way to make sure you don’t become the next victim of a cash for gold scam.