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Avoid Scams and Ripoffs with the Gold Calculator

February 8, 2012

In 2009, an article was released that changed the face of online cash for gold companies. A former employee of the popular Cash4Gold company came forward and revealed some dirty little secrets about how the company does all that they can to rip-off their customers. What? A company that claims to be honest, trustworthy, and reliable doing all they can to rip you off? Believe it.


According to the former employee, there are no jewelry experts appraising your gold using million-dollar state-of-the-art equipment. Many cash for gold customers expect their gold items to be evaluated by employees of the jewelry industry, using the best equipment available. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. The appraisal process involves an untrained individual, a magnifying glass, a plastic container, a weight pad, and a bottle of fluid with an orange hue. The conditions the employees work in are dangerous, and the environment should definitely not be considered a state of the art testing facility.


Customers of various online cash for gold companies, especially Cash4Gold, are typically outraged at the amount written on the check. According to the former employee, some customers even receive checks for as low as one cent. This amount is outrageously low and insulting to customers who are expecting a check for hundreds of dollars. In today’s poor economic situation, many customers are selling their great-grandmothers keepsake jewelry as a last result; to receive anything less than they deserve is the worst kind of insult.


As a potential cash for gold customer, you may be asking yourself what you can do to avoid putting yourself in a similar situation. Well, the obvious choice is avoiding Cash4Gold and choosing to do your cash for gold business elsewhere. For those who make the smart choice and choose another cash for gold company, there are additional ways in which you can protect yourself. By using the gold calculator, cash for gold customers can know the exact amount they should be receiving for their items before taking part in a cash for gold transaction.


Being prepared and educated about the worth of your valuables is one of the smartest things a cash for gold customer can do. Whether you choose another online cash for gold company or choose to go the pawn shop route instead, having an estimated number in your mind of how much you should receive is key, and you can prepare yourself through the use of a gold value calculator.