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Smart Sellers Cash In on Old Jewelry

February 3, 2012

The struggling economy has prompted people everywhere to search for new ways to make extra cash. Many people are cutting back by spending less and even looking through their homes for unwanted items that could be sold for cash. One of the most profitable items that could be cluttering up your home is jewelry. Jewelry styles are constantly changing, and most people will find themselves with at least a few items of jewelry that are dated, broken, or tarnished. The rising price of gold has made old gold jewelry a great way for savvy sellers to turn household clutter into cold, hard cash.


Rising stock prices have made gold a hot commodity, but finding the best way to profit off your old jewelry can be difficult. Pawnshops and jewelers often have trade-in services, but dated or broken jewelry will often be either rejected entirely or taken at a very cheap price. The 14 karat gold price is high as a result of rising demand, and old jewelry can often fetch more cash when harvested for scrap gold than it can if you sell it as-is.


Cash for gold companies give people a great outlet to sell their unwanted gold jewelry. They allow customers to simply mail in their old jewelry, which they harvest for gold, and it is then sold to refineries and jewelers. Sellers then receive a check for an amount that is based on the weight of the jewelry they shipped in. Cash for gold companies have become increasingly popular in the last decade because of their ease and convenience, but with so many different companies offering money for scrap gold, sellers should take precautions to avoid getting scammed.


Potential gold sellers should calculate the value of their jewelry to ensure that they are getting properly compensated for their gold. The Gold Value Calculator is an easy way for sellers to estimate the worth of their jewelry. Sellers simply input the attributes and weight of their gold products and receive a price estimate instantly. The 14 karat gold price is always higher than less pure gold so knowing whether your jewelry is 14, 18, or 24 karats will give you a better idea of its worth. By educating yourself on current gold prices and finding out how much your jewelry is truly worth, you can shop around for the best price possible and turn household clutter into easy money.